The Problem:

Great harm is being done to people simply because of their sexual orientation and gender identity:  rates of homeless LGBT youth are disproportionately high because families decide it is more shameful to have gay children than it is to throw their children out onto the streets; LGBT youth are committing suicide because of shame, fear, rejection, harassment and intimidation; internationally, laws exist and are being proposed to both obstruct the rights of LGBT citizens and to threaten their liberty and lives.

A primary source of all this harm is how some people misuse religion as a weapon, a justification for their own ignorance, fear, hate, confusion or disgust.  This is a pervasive, deeply entrenched societal problem.

Why We Exist

Thicker Than Water exists to grow and activate a movement within faith-based communities to end all harm to people based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  Recognizing the essential unity of all human creation, Thicker Than Water strives to transform society so that religion is never misused as a weapon against LGBT people, so they can thrive in dignity, without fear of being rejected or harmed by the people and communities that should love them most.

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